3 Customer Retention Hacks to Increase Your Bottom Line

By Curt Hill and Erik Alberts posted on July 13, 2015

It’s easy to make a case for customer retention. While many businesses implement exhaustive marketing efforts to onboard new clients, the smart businesses realize the importance of nailing their customer retention efforts first. If you’re attracting new customers only to lose them later; that’s money out the door. Try these three customer service hacks to keep your customers (and their money) for the long haul. 

1)    Personal touch goes a long way. Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful onboarding gift for new clients, thank you cards for large purchases and other thoughtful touches. The key here is to personalize them. Mass holiday cards with canned messages get thrown away. But something catered to the client or customer’s individual tastes and spending habits can make a big impact. When gifts aren’t appropriate, individualized e-mails and engaging with your clients on social media can also go a long way in maintaining customer loyalty. 

2)    Be the expert. Provide real value to your customers and clients above and beyond what you’ve already sold them. For example, if you come across a helpful article or trend, send it to them. The goal should be to position yourself as a trusted adviser to your customer. If your customer thinks of you as their first stop for information and guidance, you suddenly become less replaceable.  

3)    Evaluate your systems and feedback. Take into account feedback from client surveys and reviews. Your best opportunities for improving customer retention comes directly from the customers themselves. Take constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve your systems and service to better serve your customers. The best customer retention programs are constantly evolving and adapting to meet ever-changing customer needs.

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